Take the Mindful Holiday Eating Challenge

What’s your food environment like on Thanksgiving? Is it customary to starve yourself until the big feast and eat until you’re uncomfortably full? Do you lay around with your pants unbuttoned until it’s time for pie? If so, you’re participating in the traditional All-American Thanksgiving. But how would it feel to savor delicious, healthy food, in reasonable amounts and follow it up with a bit of physical activity to leave you feeling energized? If any part of that sounds appealing, I encourage you to take the Mindful Eating Holiday Challenge on Thanksgiving and see if it inspires you change some of your eating habits during the holiday season.

Mindful Eating Holiday Challenge

  1. Start your day with a nutritious breakfast, like an egg scramble with spinach or steel cut oatmeal topped with slivered almonds, grated apples and cinnamon.
  2. Make vegetables the main attraction of your meal. When you dish up, aim for 50% veggies (preferably something green), 25% protein (that’s your turkey) and 25% starch (like mashed potatoes or a whole grain roll).
  3. Before you even take a bite of your meal, look at your plate of food and appreciate the aesthetics of it. Notice the colors and textures. Tune into the aromas and notice if any single ingredient stands. Now enjoy each bite like it’s your first. Take time to chew, savor and appreciate every morsel.
  4. Try to stop eating when you feel satisfied, not stuffed. Remember that you can enjoy leftovers anytime you want.
  5. Enjoy the company of friends and family and talk about what you’re thankful for.
  6. Bundle up and take a walk around the neighborhood or play a game of tag football when you finish your meal.
  7. If you have dessert, do it mindfully and enjoy every bite (repeat steps 3 and 4).

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