Practicing Good Self Care

Being Kind to Yourself

Part of what contributes to that stressed and depleted feeling is a heavy dose of self neglect combined with a change in eating habits during the holidays. There’s more candy, cookies and other goodies around so sugar intake is higher, which causes blood sugar to fluctuate and affects mood and energy. You may also be spending time with relatives who have a different ideas about what constitutes a healthy lifestyle. Following are some tips to help you make yourself a priority during this busy season:

  • Start each day off strong – be sure to eat a healthy, well-balanced breakfast every day like a Breakfast Burrito or steel-cut oatmeal with fruit and nuts. You’ll be less likely to turn to sugary foods later in the day.
  • Be consistent with exercise – regular workouts often fall by the wayside in times of stress, but research shows that exercise is one of the most effective ways to manage stress. It also helps keep your weight stable and your energy levels up. If you’re going to visit family, pack some walking shoes or pick up some very portable resistance bands.
  • Help with meal planning and prep – if you’re visiting family or friends during the holidays and you’re concerned that the offerings will be detrimental to your waistline, offer to help make a side dish and share some healthy recipes like Black Bean Hummus and veggies, Marinated Beets, or a Winter Greens Salad.
  • Quiet your mind and honor your body – actively seek out ways to reduce the inevitable stress that seems to accompany the holidays. Try meditation, massage, yoga, or acupuncture and don’t wait until after the holidays pass to find time in your schedule.